Dragon Juice - 416Vapes
Nut Job - 416Vapes
A sweet but subtle custard that’s perfectly blended with hazelnuts that will absolutely make you go nuts for this flavour. This recipe is a crowd...
Snozzleberry - 416Vapes
A tasty fusion of blueberry and raspberry. Once you try it you will never want anything else and yes the snozzleberries taste like snozzleberries.30%PG |...
Hard Lemonade By 416Vapes
A smooth refreshing blast of lemonade with a twist of raspberry. This recipe will help keep you cool and refreshed all summer long.
The Beach - 416Vapes
A juicy fuzzy peach flavour that is blended smoothly to perfection with a hint banana that will leave you wanting more. This recipe is absolutely...
Five R Live by 416 Vapes
A very rich mango and citrus flavour blended smoothly to perfection. This recipe is by far superior in flavour and is a thirst quenching delight.
Do Dee Dew by 416 Vapes
Reminding us of the delectable childhood taste of a bowl of fruity breakfast cereals, this e-liquid hits a perfect balance of creamy, fruity, and sweet,...
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