S.W.A.G. by Jinx eJuice
Our Best Selling eJuice!!   Strawberry, Watermelon, and Apple flavoured Gummies!!    
Forestberry Fusion (30mL)
Some swore it couldn't be done. Others tried and failed. And then one day Forest Berry Fusion happened. A creamy mix of raspberry, blackberry and...
Strawberry Watermelon Slushy
Slushy is a mix of strawberry and watermelon, blended with ice to form the perfect slush flavor! It’s refreshing any day of the week. You’ll...
Dragon Juice - 416Vapes
StarBlast By SpyderVapes
StarBlast is a mix of fruity and candy flavours to be combined in the BLAST of an eLiquid!   70% VG
Mucho Mang-O - All Day Vapor
Nic Salt Based   An explosion of juicy, sweet mangos cultivated fresh from the tropics that will leave your senses tantalized with its exotic aroma.All...
Desert Rain - Mt. Baker
Storm clouds moved in as the dehydrated brothers danced around a prickly pear. What came next was a refreshing Desert Rain, infused with kiwi, strawberry...
Strawberry Jam Monster 100ml
A sweet and dreamy strawberry jam with a creamy butter flavour and unique hints of toast! 75 VG / 25 PG - Comes in 100ml...
Extreme Ice - Mt. Baker
Just like the name suggests, Extreme Ice is a radically cool and frigidly smooth, minty vape.
Snozzleberry - 416Vapes
A tasty fusion of blueberry and raspberry. Once you try it you will never want anything else and yes the snozzleberries taste like snozzleberries.30%PG |...
Nut Job - 416Vapes
A sweet but subtle custard that’s perfectly blended with hazelnuts that will absolutely make you go nuts for this flavour. This recipe is a crowd...
Green Ape By Nasty Juice - 60mL
Experience the goodness from this mild yet flavourful apple e-juice. The just right of the sweetness and a little hint of tanginess of an apple...
Deadeye by Nautical - 60mL
Imagine taking your freshly baked chocolate donut, then have it filled with caramel, and to top it off take a piece and dip it into...
Cush Man By Nasty Juice -60mL
You’ll never find this one of the best fruity-taste of this mango flavoured e-juice. The authentic taste with a pleasant aroma will boost your appetite....
Ultra E-Liquid - Lapis Berries - 60mL
Lapis berry is not a real berry, but rather a custom formulation of over 10 different berries. From the super berry Acai, to wild blueberry...
Twinkie - Spyder Vapes
Twinkie, just like the name is reminicent of the delicious treat. Creamy Filling and Cake outside, Yumm.   70% VG
Dragon Slayer By Canada E-Clouds
A delightful blend of blueberry, raspberry, dragon fruit, with hints of other summer fruits make this an exceptional blend that will spur your imagination to...
Vape Bromance - Strawberry Malt eJuice
This creamy, frothy and delicious Strawberry Malt will bring you right into the 50's diner that your grandparents met in. Love at first vape.  60ml...
Chocolate Glazed - Holey Rollers (50mL)
A fluffy-sweet doughnut coated with decadent chocolate butter glaze. The truck stops here.
Blue Razz Citrus - Maven Black
Perfectly sweet, perfectly tart. A Great marriage of blueberry and raspberry with a twist of citrus. A classic reimagined.   50mL Max VG
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